Monday, March 7, 2011

Long time, no blog-whoops!

So it looks like I lost my blogging mojo-I had been doing so well! I think the third trimester messed with my blogging. (Might as well blame it on that-maybe it was the heat and everything else going on)
Lots has happened since my last post-lets see if I can get everyone up to date in one post.

  • Nov 4th-Lara turned 3-eek! 
I can't believe my little girl is three already. It only seem like yesterday that I had her! She has grown so much and is such character (and madam!) 
  • Nov 10th-Lara started Kindy!
Since starting kindy Lara has grown into a hugely independent girl. She loves going to kindy and now claims to have a new best friend (sorry Annabelle!) Her favourite activities is painting, dressing up, playing outside and making necklaces with the beads.
  • Christmas-Wellington
This year we spent Christmas in Wellington. We didn't want to risk travelling when I was 36weeks pregnant-and well to be honest I really didn't want to be stuck in the car for 5hours when I was so huge. When we decided to stay in Wellington Silas's brother and sister (plus partners and family) were staying Wellington as well. But they ended up heading up to New Plymouth so we spent Christmas with out any family around. It was rather sad, especially since Lara didn't get to play with her cousins like normal. 
  • January-Lara went for a holiday! 
Mum came down from New Plymouth and took Lara back for a holiday. Lara was seen by both sides of the family-spending a few day with each set of Grandparents. She came home soooo tired, but full of so many stories. We on the other hand were rather lost-we weren't sure what to do with our days. So we re stained the deck, went out for dinner, I had a movie night with the girls, and visited friends. 
  • January 25th-Due date-came and went. No baby girl yet :(
  • Feb 3rd 12.11am-Paige Madison Avery was born! Weighing in at 8lb 3oz she made her arrival the day before I was due to be induced. (Will post my birth story in another post)
And now-These days I'm a mummy to two beautiful girls. Lara is totally in love with her little sister. It took her a little bit to adjust to the change, but she got there (a house full of people didn't help-but I won't post about that as I'm still dark about it)
So that has been my life the past four months :)

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