Monday, March 28, 2011

It just tastes better with BUTTER!

Sour Cream
Ice Cream

*Sigh* I need want it all. This dairy free thing is doing my head in. I am craving a big glass of cold milk, with a side of hotcross buns smeared in butter.
I miss milk in my coffee-soy milk is ok, but its not the same. I miss butter on my sandwich ( I don't do margarine so there goes putting something on before the other spreads) I miss my pasta with dinner (they require milk in the sauce) I struggle watching Silas drown his muffins in yoghurt.
But it does seem to have lessened Miss Paige's spilling so I guess I have to stick with it.

(By the way-the chocolate cake recipe I posted is great! I've made it three times now-twice as muffins. It is super easy and makes a really moist cake/muffins.)

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  1. poor thing! Sucks having to be on restricted foods for pregnancy and then being slammed with the same thing straight after for bf-ing!!