Saturday, March 19, 2011

If only I had a sewing machine!

I have a few things I would love to make-but I don't have a sewing machine :(
So while I wait (and drop as many hints as possible to Silas) I'm going to write a list of things I would love to make.

1. First off I need to make myself a bag-I just broke mine :( Needs to be big enough for a bottle of water, wallet, nappies, wipes, change of baby clothes, couple bars of food, camera and other random things that end up at the bottom of a bag.

2. A nappy wallet-to keep nappies/wipes etc all together when in my new bag. (Like this one.)

3. Crayon Caddy. I have a few birthdays coming up and would love to make some of these as gifts.
(Tutorial here.)
4. Soft baby blocks with tags. Would love to make some for Paige, and other baby friends. (Like these ones.)

5. Maybe some cushion covers like these here.

6. Wheatbags (Pattern here.)

7. A quilt for Paige's cot (once she is in it)

Thats my list for now-Im sure I will find more things to add to it.

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