Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birth Story-Lara Jane Avery 4th Nov 2007

Seems like a life time ago, but here is the birth story.
I had a very un-evental pregnacy, no extra visits to hosp, only two scans (one being to check heart as sis has a heart prob) didnt even have midwife till I was 6mths preg.
I worked right up until I had Lara-actually the day I had her I was rostered on to start at 9am :) I had still been working 30-40 hr weeks in hospo of all things, so constantly on my feet.
The weekend before baby was due the "Kings of the Beach" torament was on, so Silas was up from welly to play Vball. 
Sat night we had gone out to one of Silas's mates place to catch up with friends and were home before midnight. Just after midnight I was in bed and started to get period like cramps. Silas was fast asleep of course. Pain came every 40mins or so and kept me up all night. At 4am I woke Silas and got him to fetch me some panadol.
By 6am I rang the midwife, and texted the boss to day I had a crap nights sleep and "might be in labour" so I wouldnt be in that day.
7am I headed to mums, where she got very excited :) She made a awesome breakfast and fussed over me all day-Silas on the other hand just wanted to go and have a nap cos I woke him in the night-grr. 
By 7pm contractions were about 5min apart so we headed into the hospital. Once at the hospital my midwife broke my waters to speed things up. (Just checked my notes-says I was 5cm dilated) Spent a hr our so walking around and then decided to try the bath. But everytime I got a contraction I jumped out of the bath! I couldnt handle staying still. 
By 9 my midwife asked if I wanted gas. Tried it for one contraction and just got annoyed with it. Meanwhile the lady across the hall was busy screaming her head off-which scared the crap out of me and I hid in the corner and cried!
By 9.50 I was ready to push, by 10.35 Lara was born. 
Had to have 3 stitches due to the fact I wouldnt stop pushing when the middy had told me too. Opps.
Funny thing I know I spent a lot of time telling Silas "this was his fault" "Im never doing this again" "I cant do it any more" and was in pain (of course) but I'd so do it all over again.

Last bump pic
Getting ready to come home

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  1. Wow - you were so tiny!!! I'm so jealous! Lovely birth story :)