Monday, October 17, 2011

Anchor Family Reunion Comp

We made it through round one, now I ask for your help :)

Virtually Family

by Anastasia Kerr
We are a definitely not your traditional nuclear family. But we are most definitely a family!

We are 52 women aged 19-36, spanning Northland to Dunedin (plus two in Australia!), who met online last year while newly pregnant, our babies due in January 2011.

We have since then created a online santuary dedicated to supporting each other through our pregnancies, miscarriages, medical dilemmas and relationship difficulties - just like Anchor we are growing families! From online strangers we have become trusted friends.
Our dream is to get our “mummy family” together for a face-to-face coffee group in Wellington, to celebrate our friendship and our babies’ first birthdays.

register and vote daily. 
Thank you all so much.

Monday, October 3, 2011

New toys!!

While Lara was at kindergarten today I had a new toy arrive :) The freerider.
Lara was soooo excited when I got it out of the box. She had to try it out straight away-which meant rugging up and heading out in the rain. Poor Paige really wanted to join in but the weather really wasn't nice enough for her. 
I can't wait to try it out on a nice day-the scooter can attach to my Explorer and be used as a buggy board. 
Will report later on how that works :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Long time, no blog-whoops! (Again)

Haha I seriously struggle with this blogging thing. I love reading everyone elses blogs, but mine seems to get a little forgotten.
Life has been moving fast in our house.
Lara is now at big kids kindergarten. She is loving being back with her best friend. The change of days has taken a toll on her, she has been tired and emotional (like she was when she first started) School holidays are coming up so she will be able to rest and recover then will be back into it next term. This term Lara joined Soccer-she loves it. It is her Saturday morning activity with her Dad. I guess I should start thinking about her birthday soon.

Paige is a super mover-at 8mths we have almost 6 teeth, almost walking, finally taking a bottle (during the day) and the past four nights she has slept through! Her personality is really beginning to grow and shine. She loves to bop away to the music, she is often pulling faces at her sister and she is now starting to chat away a lot more.

And of course to go with a blog post-here is a bunch of pics from the start of August to now.