Sunday, October 2, 2011

Long time, no blog-whoops! (Again)

Haha I seriously struggle with this blogging thing. I love reading everyone elses blogs, but mine seems to get a little forgotten.
Life has been moving fast in our house.
Lara is now at big kids kindergarten. She is loving being back with her best friend. The change of days has taken a toll on her, she has been tired and emotional (like she was when she first started) School holidays are coming up so she will be able to rest and recover then will be back into it next term. This term Lara joined Soccer-she loves it. It is her Saturday morning activity with her Dad. I guess I should start thinking about her birthday soon.

Paige is a super mover-at 8mths we have almost 6 teeth, almost walking, finally taking a bottle (during the day) and the past four nights she has slept through! Her personality is really beginning to grow and shine. She loves to bop away to the music, she is often pulling faces at her sister and she is now starting to chat away a lot more.

And of course to go with a blog post-here is a bunch of pics from the start of August to now.

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  1. Oh Mel your girls are gorgeous and your youngest very clever on her legs! And what big eyes and a very cheeky smile ;-)