Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting stuck into the garden

Over the past few weeks I have been shifting the garden round, trying make use of different spots. While my current veggie garden was ok, I wasn't happy with the amount of sun it would get in winter. 
So with the help of a few pallets here is the start of my new vegie garden. 

This is also acting as a fence to stop the kids heading down a bank. Top racks on the right have spinach and baby beetroot seeds soon to be thinned out along the other two pallets, middle row some lettuce and at the bottom some carrots. At the front are my strawberries. The front of the left two pallets is silver beet and beetroot, and the top ravks are just holding seed containers with silverbeet, brocolli, baby beets, leeks and something else. Will use another few pallets to complete the fence and will plant other veg in them along with some purple flowers and maybe some other flowers.
Can't wait for it to be finished!