Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birth Story-Paige Madison Avery 3rd Feb 2011

Woke on Wednesday (8days overdue) with a really sore back, but thought nothing of it. Dropped Lara at kindy and headed off to coffee group. Sat there feeling sore and uncomfy but not to bad. 

Once at home I had my first contraction around 11.30, but wasn't sure if it was anything. Didn't want to get Silas's hopes up and thought I'd wait it out. Silas rang his sister and sorted what we would do on friday (should I get that far and need to be induced) 

Around 2.30 contractions where about 15mins apart so we let the Jefferson tenants know that Silas wouldn't be coming around and let the night sitter know we would need her.
Sitter arrived around 6, helped us put Lara to bed, then we sat round for a bit chatting (which slowed my contractions down gah!) 

Headed off to the hospital at 9.45, once there MW hooked me up to the CTG monitor. Bubs heart rate was good so she did an internal. She told me if I was less than 4cm she wouldn't break my waters. But I was 7cm, at which I declared she could break waters. After breaking my waters she put me back on the monitor and filled the bath for me. Once in the bath she offered me the gas, which I tried for a few contractions but wasn't really getting the hang of. Got out of the bath after all of ten mins as I needed to go loo, but once I got there my contractions where suddenly on top of each other. Started out lying on the bed but wasn't comfy so I jumped up on the bed and the MW offered me the gas again, this time coaching me through it. Was on my hands and knees leaning over the top of the bed sucking on the gas like there was no tomorrow. (Things start to get very blurry round about now-I was rather high)

Wasn't comfy leaning over the bed so rolled back over. Was crushing poor Silas's hand ( I said to him at one stage-I can't see your face, but I know Im hurting you, which makes me want to hurt you more )
Silas got in trouble a few times, cos I was sucking on the gas so much I was getting really thirsty-but each time he gave me water he was putting it straight in front of my mouth which I hated. Told him to put it in my hand so I could do it my self-otherwise I was searching for the cup and would get annoyed (I kept my eyes closed the entire time I was using the gas)

Some time later on the midwife did another internal only to tell me I was 8cm. I wasn't impressed as she'd blimmen hurt me while doing so-she mentioned something about my cervix and having to do something to it-I'd almost kicked her trying to get away. 
Things go blurry again and suddenly I needed to push. MW told me it was 11.57 and if I wanted baby tonight I had three mins to get her out. 
After a few pushes Miss Paige was born (12.11am) Due to her being born so rapidly she wouldn't feed-she was trying to get up all her mucus, so after a hour of cuddling I handed her over to Silas and went to shower. Once out of the shower she decided she would feed. Finally made it to the ward just after 2am. Was sharing a room with a lady (duh) and her bub who was wake a few times that night. Paige slept until 7.30am-which is when I woke her to feed her. I hadn't slept at all so decided I would go home as soon as I could. 

So that is story of Paige's birth.

Last bump pics-taken the day before.

Lara and Paige
Home :)

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