Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot Cross Buns-Recipe Review

Yesterday Lara and I set out to make some Hot Cross Buns. After a little searching on the net we found this recipe.
I enjoyed the process of making them-I find something therapeutic about kneading.

Bun Ingredients

15g dried yeast
300ml milk
4 cups plain white flour
1 teaspoon cinnamon
90g butter cut into pieces
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup dried sultanas (I didn't add these-I have a thing about fruit in bread)
1 egg

Cross Batter
1/2 cup flour
5 tablespoons of water

1/2 cup water
1/4 cup sugar
1. Heat milk until just warm in a saucepan. Remove from heat and sprinkle yeast over the milk and set to the side on the bench.
2. Sift flour and cinnamon. Add butter and rub in using your fingers until mixture looks like breadcrumbs. Then add sultanas and sugar.
3. Whisk egg into milk and yeast. Then add the milk mixture to the flour mixture. Mix until combined.

4. Place mixture onto lightly floured board and kneed until smooth and elastic (about 10 minutes). Place dough in a large greased bowl. Cover and leave to rise in a warm place. It is ready once it has doubled in size, which should take about 45 minutes.

5. Punch down dough to release gas and then knead for a couple of minutes. Cut dough into 16 pieces of the same size. Knead and form into balls. Place balls together on a greased tray. Cover and place in warm spot and allow to double in size.

6. Turn on oven and preheat to 220 degrees C. Whisk the cross batter of flour and water together until smooth. Place in piping bag. (I use a small plastic bag and cut off a small bottom corner). Pipe on the crosses. Bake at 220 degrees C for 10 minutes. Turn the oven down to 200 degrees C and bake for a further 10 minutes.

7. Place glaze ingredients in a sauce pan and bring the boil stirring constantly. Then reduce heat to low and allow to simmer for a further 2 minutes. Brush liberally over buns once they are removed from the oven.


While it was nice and easy to make these they tasted soo wrong. They were overly sweet and well it tasted as if they were missing something (and don't say the fruit cos I know that!)
Do you have a favourite hot cross bun recipe?
(Photos by Lara-clever little girl)

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  1. They sound very light on spices, I would have thought there should be more than just cinnamon in them