Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chocolate swap!

Recently I signed up for Renee's chocolate swap-and boy I was soooo delighted when my package arrives from my swapee-Renee!
Silas was possibly more excited then me-even though it wasn't addressed to him! Lara loved her little package-Renee had put in a little packet of Charlotte's fav chocolates which went down a treat with Lara.
Will have to add the pictures later as they are still on the camera-which Lara is refusing to give to me!
Renee's package was meant to be posted away today but I hurt myself so I can't make it to the post shop. So once I can make it to the bottom of the path her treats will be on their way to Auz!! Hope she likes what I have picked for her :)


  1. Yum, have you eaten them yet? :)
    I'm also doing the chocolate swap. I haven't sent my package off yet but it is sitting here, ready to go. Darn...that chocolate is going to Aus before I get a chance to! LOL

  2. Hehe yep its allllll gone! I was silly and left the box out when I went to bed. Woke up to Lara asking for chocolate for breakfast haha.

  3. LOL....she's a girl after my own heart! Hee hee ;)

  4. Wow - a chocolate swap? What is that? Sounds intriguing...Hi there nice to meet you. I'm another Kiwi, living in Oakland CA. Just been down to Wellington, my old university and didn't recognise the place. Also the amazing ideas that are coming out of Wellos - like choccy swap!