Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Buggy walk!

Last thursday was the The Big Annual October Buggy Walk, I was really looking forward to getting out to this, especially after such a great walk previously in the week.
After a very bad morning (getting ready and out of house on time wise) the day was looking up as Lara and I caught the bus to town (not the bus I was hoping to get earlier in the morning)

On the Cable car
Cable car.
I had decided to try and make a great adventure out of the day with Lara, starting with the bus, then on to the Cable Car (something we hadn't done before) then down to the Dell for the start of the walk. Lara loves going on the bus and of course thursday was no exception. But she got really excited at the site of the Cable Car. Hopped on board with me and chatted away about how it was like a train.

A little unsure of the fairy.
Not sure what to think.
After a great walk around the botanical gardens there was some entertainment at the Dell. Lara headed straight to Fairy Trina to listen to her stories. She was a little unsure to begin with but soon got into it.

After watching some crazy races (buggys through cones, make nappy hat, eat some baby food type races) we decided it was time to head home. But of course we had to detour when we spotted some very cuuute baby ducklings!

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