Monday, October 11, 2010

Walk around the bays.

Monday was a brilliant sunny day, and poor Claire had been house bound for a week with sick girls. We decided the weather was to nice and couldn't risk not getting out in it. So we planned to meet up at the park in Island Bay, give the girls a play then walk around the bays for some well needed exercise, fresh air and sunshine. Sharyn and Jaki came along with us.

After letting the kids run off some steam we bundled the kids into the prams and walked towards Lyal Bay. Boy did we walk! We'd almost made it Lyal Bay, but decided to turn round and head back. On the walk back we stopped and let the kids stretch their legs and eat.

The walk was super easy, and super deceptive. Once home I had a look on google maps and worked out we had walked just under 7km! Not bad, not bad.


  1. What a gorgeous Wellington day!!

  2. It was definately a good walk! And it's made want a different buggy....