Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunshine beautiful sunshine!

While news websites report on snow in other areas of New Zealand Lara, Silas and I are sitting outside in the sun. There is a huge storm heading past New Zealand causing mayhem everywhere-except Wellington. Auckland has had heavy rain, strong winds, then random sun. Southland has snow-snow so bad that roofs are collasping. Approx 3500 homes have no power. But for some reason the worst Wellington has had is rain, thunder and lightening, wind (but it is wellington!) and two days of gorgeous sun.
Yesterday we had all the windows and doors open, while Lara played outside all day. Today we have had lots of sun, but its starting to cloud over now as I type this. Its so nice being outside. Ok maybe the clouds are disappearing.
Bring on summer, long days filled with warm weather, sunshine, beach time, water play and all the other joys.

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