Thursday, September 23, 2010

Botanical Gardens

Lara and I headed to the Botanical Gardens yesterday to enjoy the sun. Was a beautiful day and I'm so glad we got out.
We hit the Gardens and started out looking at the Tulips. I love tulips!

Lara went and sat among the tulips so I could take some photos. (Pity I couldn't get her to smile!)

After posing in the tulips we went to feed the ducks. Lara loved feeding the ducks, even after one cheeky duck stole an entire piece of bread from her hands. She thought it was so funny, and the duck tried to get as close to her as possible. Lara was sad when the bread ran out, but looks forward to another trip to feed the ducks.

Headed up to the park where we played for almost a hour. There was hardly anyone there and we almost had the park to ourselves! After we played on everything we could we thought we'd head to the Rose Garden. Sadly the roses had all been trimmed recently-so they were nothing but stalks. But we stilled checked out inside the area. Lara took some photos of the plants she liked, but most had a finger through the middle of them-need to work on the camera hold. 
All in all we had a super awesome day together!

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  1. Hi, just discovered your blog through KMB and I am a Welly Mummy blogger too! This is a beautiful post and we've been enjoying the gardens and tulips too. Enjoy the sunshine this week - yah!