Saturday, September 25, 2010

I can't help....

 but dream of how I would love to do Lara's room. With a sister on the way I want her room to be her sanctuary, a place were she can play with her special toys and at a later stage it will be a room she shares.
This is something I want to work on over the next few months.

So far the room will centre around the bedspread I have for the beds. The thing is I don't want to have anymore pink in the room. I feel the duvet is enough pink.
I would love for the girls furniture to be all white. Beds (possibly bunks) drawers, bookcases, toy box. 
Bunks like these would look great (and could be two single beds as well)
Some white dressers (that need to be big enough to hold all the girls clothes) and bookcases for book and toys. Maybe some coloured baskets for toys. (I'm thinking blue-like the inside of the butterflies on the duvet)
On the walls I might stick with photos-in nice blue frames, then for something fun-Tissue paper pompoms hanging from the roof. These I could alternate in size and colour (Ok maybe some in pink, but mostly blue and purple) I could even make a whole lot of little ones and hang them from the circle inside a mosquito net.
Now to find some money-then I will be set. 

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