Sunday, July 17, 2011

Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, Babyled weaning, Pureed First Foods.

I'm at a loss with it all. Paige has become a struggle to breastfeed and I want to stop. She is so busy taking in everything that is going on in the world that she doesn't want to stop and feed. I try and feed her in the bedroom away from it all, but she still fights it. But as she won't take a bottle or sippy cup I have no choice but to keep trying. She has started solids but at the moment she is to unco for babyled weaning and is refusing to take pureed food.
She needs to be feeding more during the day, she needs to start getting more food. She is so close to being on the move so she needs to energy. All the energy she is using during the day means she is up 3-4 times at night.
Yesterday she had two breastfeeds during the day, and a few attempts at eating toast, pear and apple slices.
In the end I had a massive cry to mum on the phone, feeling like I have no clue what to do with Paige. I'm still at a lose and don't know what to do. She is clearly fulling up at night as when she wakes for the day she won't feed till after she has had a nap. (10.30ish)

Ahhhh I don't know what to do!!


  1. I remember that stage (happened a little later for us)...You have my sympathy :(. I can say that it does pass though - and she'll probably start wanting more feeds during the day soon. Will she take milk when sleepy? Might be able to get her to have an extra feed just before naptime, or when she wakes up from 2nd nap. Have you looked on the kellymom website? I found it pretty helpful with regards to feeding/sleeping. Theres some stuff here: but the whole site is pretty good to take a look around. Good luck and hang in there - I promise it doesn't last forever!

  2. HUGS x Sounds exhausting and I remember that feeling too. My 17 month old still has feeds at night! I have her in bed with me - on a double futon. Crazy!

    I don't know what to suggest - but Jenn's idea of checking out 'Kelly Mom' sounds good. I've never had good sleepers - so I'm useless at offering advice - but can offer buckets of sympathy and hope that everything gets a little easier soon x

  3. Thanks ladies. Last night I feed her after she'd been asleep for a hour, but when I tried that later on in the night (round tenish) she just screamed at me. She then woke at 11.30 and screamed on and off till 1.30am.
    She's asleep now (thanks to my partner) but had been up since 6pm on and off screaming, refusing to feed again. Took her to afterhours as she was rubbing her ear a lot but he didn't seem to think there was anything wrong.
    She is a completely different baby compared to her big sister.