Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm back!!!

Boy, its been awhile.
Life boy has changed since I last posted. I should really read my last post to see what was happening then.

But anyway, there has been some big changes. September was a massively huge month for our family. We moved for the first time since having Lara and boy was that a mission. Our old house was at the top of a nice big path which meant we opted for movers. Best $500 spent ever!
A week after moving our I gave birth to our not so little boy Leo. (Yep that's right, we moved four days before I was due!) Was a very speedy labour (just over 2hours!) Lara and Paige are totally smitten.
A month later and Lara turned 5! Off to school she went, and she has coped brilliantly.
So here are some pictures from the past wee while.
New lounge

The girls room (well untill I decided that them sharing wasn't working)

Our new man-Leo
Photography By Sharyn

Us in hospital still
Photography By Sharyn

Love this pic!
Photography By Sharyn

Cuddles with big Sister

Just chilling and being cute.
Sleepy cuddles in the sun with Daddy
(Yay our new house gets soooo much sun!)

Miss Cheeky Paige-dressed herself with two tops.

Not so little Leo, having some cuddles with his sleeping sister.
Well done if your still awake after the pictures :)
Tomorrows goal will be to redesign my header-I think that is well over due!

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